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Jul 27, 2023

Audere + AWS: A Tale of Transformation 



At Audere, we have a dream: to empower resource managers and their teams through project intelligence™. We dare to pursue that dream with the help of innovation partners like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Slalom Build. And together, we’ve created a tool that enables teams to do more of what they love: Deliver great projects. In this video, produced by AWS, Audere Product Director John Mathew tells that story.

Watch the video to hear what John has to say about the partnership and read on for more details!

There’s no question that the world of work has changed dramatically in recent years, and the professional workforce has changed right along with it. More and more, professionals expect to be able to do their work anywhere, at any time and on any device. Mobile management of projects and teams isn’t just a luxury anymore — it’s a necessity, and it’s changing the “how” and “where” of work. 

Audere’s parent company, BST Global, decided to seize the opportunity for growth in this new landscape. By developing a cloud-native SaaS application, the international ERP and Work Management solution provider was entering new territory: Audere would expand the company’s product offering and extend its reach to markets outside the AEC industry. With the help of AWS and Slalom Build, Audere delivered a modern resource management tool for the project-driven workforce. 

    Because of these partnerships, Audere is:
  • Consumer-Grade Integration with Stripe for payment processing and Hubspot for marketing engagement enables a “try and buy” model. Plus, Audere uses Websocket Connections and SNS alongside API Gateway, Lambda Functions and Webhook technology to ensure that users receive live updates in the app as data changes.
  • Agile  Using CI/CD pipelines and AWS test environments, the Audere team can deliver new functionality and value to the platform in days. At the same time, we can patch and provide AWS service updates as often as necessary, allowing us to add features and functionality at the pace required to meet customer demands.
  • Mobile  Leveraging AWS’ Cloudfront and backplane, Audere gives users the connected experience they need to collaborate with distributed teams from anywhere and on any device.

Partnering with AWS and Slalom Build has opened new doors for both Audere and its parent company, BST Global. The innovations and technology available to us through this collaboration made our dream of creating a unique, modern and powerful SaaS-based tool a reality, and allowed us to change the way teams work. With the support of AWS and Slalom Build, Audere empowers teams to work more intelligently and optimize their workforce by refocusing the resource management process on people instead of spreadsheets. 

Not only that, these partnerships have allowed BST Global to evolve as an organization, reaching beyond the niche market it’s served for 50+ years to make a difference in the broader world of project-driven businesses. Together with AWS and Slalom Build, we’re helping to shape the workforce of the future. 

Watch the video AWS produced about us here!

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