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How It Works

See how Audere can unleash the power of your teams.


Work smarter to optimize and improve your game.


Connect across your team with live data updates.


Work the way that works best for you and the business.


Work smarter with insightful views that show your team’s entire workload and help optimize your resourcing efforts.

1Gain Seamless Visibility of Your Team

Audere works the way you work best. Easily change views with the click of a button so you can see allocations the way you prefer.

  • "People" views show you what is assigned to your team members, either by project or by phase
  • “Projects" views show you the allocations for each project, either by the people assigned or the phases involved
2Quickly Spot Issues With Clear Visual Cues

Audere’s intuitive design represents over- and under-allocations visually, so you can see scheduling roadblocks with plenty of time to adjust.

  • Over-allocations are indicated by a red line at the top of a team member’s schedule
  • Under-allocations show up as a partially empty allocation block
3See What You Want When You Want It

Use filters to choose what data appears on your screen, and then easily change it as you see fit.

  • Filter your view to show or hide archived projects, inactive people and empty rows
  • See filtered data in both “People” and “Projects” views
  • Change your schedule increments to see your team’s workload in days, weeks or months


Interact live with real-time collaboration capabilities that make it easy to change allocations, projects and assignments at a moment’s notice.

1View Project Updates in Real Time

Schedules change all the time, and with Audere, everyone can see those updates in real time.

  • Edit allocations quickly and easily
  • See updates from team members
2Create & Modify Projects, Assignments & Resources

Adding and changing projects, assignments and resources is simple and intuitive in Audere.

  • Click the “+” to add a new team member, fill in their name, and you’re off and running
  • Create an upcoming project with nothing more than the project name


Empower your teams to do what they love and positively impact the business with Audere.

1Access Audere Anywhere

Whether you’re working from home, hitting the road or putting in hours at the office, you can still get your resource management on.

  • Open Audere on Google Chrome or Safari browsers
  • Work from your computer, tablet and smartphone
2Personalize Your Experience

Tailor Audere to the way you work rather than conforming to a generic, templated environment.

  • Choose your views
  • Switch between light and dark contrast options


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