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A great job is all about a great work culture. And while the best way to get to know someone may be to stay up all night talking over an appetizer platter, we wanted to save you some time (and heartburn) and just tell you here what we’re all about.

Company History

Audere started as an ambitious idea from a team of passionate professionals with a dream of helping others.

Armed with rich experience in resource and project management, these professionals worked to bring their dream to life through collaboration, dedication and drive. From its initial launch in 2022, Audere is moving full steam ahead, continuing on a journey to fully realize the team’s evolving vision. Audere is an important part of the BST Global family, which has been delivering top-of-the-line software solutions for more than 50 years.

Perks at Audere

Being part of the Audere team has some serious perks. Check out a few of our top favorites!

Fun, positive team vibes

Collaboration with the best folks in the field

Ability to work with the latest and greatest technology

Encouragement to push the boundaries

U15_Audere_Group3 (1)
I enjoy developing for Audere. Our business and product owners are always very encouraging, and as a result, we’ve developed the highest-quality code I’ve seen in my 20+ years as a software engineer. By applying a top-notch testing process, I believe we deliver a superior quality product.
Software Engineer
Audere provides resource managers with a slick toolset that lets them easily plan resource commitments for any size project and juggle on-the-fly schedule changes with a quick touch. Even if you’re onsite with a client talking about getting the right person for the work, Audere works seamlessly on any device. Plus, our product team has the right blend of top talent behind it to keep Audere fresh, intuitive and relevant.
Senior Program Manager
I like working on Audere because we push the boundaries of what can technically be done, resulting in an exciting project. Also, I work with some of the best people in the field, so we’re constantly learning from each other.
Senior Software Engineer
It's refreshing to work on a project that puts the customer experience first and foremost.
Senior Software Engineer
I love being part of the Audere development team — it's a great environment! My teammates are all personable and kind, there are no corporate politics. The business really cares about creating a top-notch, secure and reliable consumer-grade product. We use the latest technology with an agile methodology, so every day is super fun and interesting for me as a developer!
Senior Software Engineer
Working with this team over the past couple of years has given me a profound appreciation for what it takes to create a robust, industry-standard product. Through daring and diligent innovation, we’ve given Audere a unique tactical resilience.

Open Job Positions

A new, exciting opportunity is just a click away! Check out all of our openings to see if there’s a position that’s right for you.