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Feb 21, 2024

Audere: Helping Teams Dream, Dare & Do With Smart Resource Management

By Audere Team


Audere est facere: To dare is to do. 

While it may not be magic exactly, one thing that the most productive and engaged teams have on their side is team intelligence. There are four key elements required to achieve “team intelligence”: 

This powerful Latin phrase truly conveys the spirit that drives our company. For us, it’s a philosophy — one that set our talented team of experts and engineers on the path to creating a smart resource management tool specifically for project-based teams.  

Audere lets you assign, balance and share work in an intuitive, collaborative experience. By putting everything they need right at their fingertips, Audere empowers project teams to dream without limits, dare to be great and do what they love. “Dream. Dare. Do.” That’s what keeps us coming back every day. We’ve even built it into our logo! Can’t quite see it? Here’s what we mean:

Let’s start with the dot in the bottom left corner. But it’s more than that! This circle represents our focus and dedication to the dream we share at Audere, the dream to empower our users with team intelligence.

Now for the rest of the triangle: One corner represents people, the other represents projects. Between them is an undeniable connection — you can’t have one without the other — and together they dare to grow, create and achieve.

Finally, (yes, there’s more!), there’s the space between the other elements. But we don’t think of it as separating them, because we know what it represents: the opportunity to look beyond what’s there, see the bigger picture and do more of what you love.

Speaking of the bigger picture, check out the full story behind our tagline and logo, and see them in action here.

So, what does all this have to do with smart resource management? At Audere, we understand project teams and know how challenging it is to optimize your resources while also delivering successful projects. Our name, logo and tagline embody everything that drives us to give teams a better way to manage their workforce schedules. 

Check out this video to hear from Audere’s CEO, Javier A. Baldor, about the meaning behind our name and motto.

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